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Version Date Binaries Sources Documentation
19 January 2011
3 June 2010
20 May 2009
17 September 2008
3 September 2008

You can build the releases with Ant.

Run the binaries as follows:

  java -jar ooo_server.jar options


-l lifespan_seconds
The number of seconds an process will be used. The default is 0.
-s shutdown_port
The socket port to which you can make a connection to shut down the server (e.g. telnet localhost 33333). By default there is no shutdown port.
-b <host>:<port>
The hostname and port the server will bind to. This is the contact point for UNO clients. If you use as the hostname, the server will bind to all the interfaces of the machine.
-r <port>-<port>
The range of socket ports for the processes. This also defines the maximum size of the process pool.
-t timeout_seconds
the time after which an idle client connection is closed. The default is 60.
-log [filename]
logs client connection activity. should be in the execution path.