Re is a software development company. The products you will find here focus on open standards, which enables the creation of solutions in a component-oriented fashion.

Pincette is a versatile document management system that is accessible only through WebDAV, the Internet standard for document management. It has strong versioning and configuration management facilities, a powerful search engine and meta-data management.

UIVI is an open source URL navigator with which you can perform familiar actions such as opening, creating and updating documents, copy and paste, etc. However, it does this for several protocols and media. You can work with the files on your computer, use FTP, manipulate ZIP files and most of all: it is the WebDAV client that gets the most out of Pincette.

CSSToXSLFO is another open source tool. It enables you to convert XML documents, accompanied by a CSS style sheet, into XSL-FO. Subsequently, you can use an XSL-FO processor to produce PDF, PostScript, etc. CSSToXSLFO is mostly applied to XHTML.

The open source WebDAV-Sync tool makes it possible to synchronise a local directory with a WebDAV collection, which is useful when a lot of files are going to be accessed randomly. The tool is an Ant task and it also has a command-line interface.

The server, an open source tool, manages a pool of OpenOffice processes, which lets you use the office environment as a server for UNO API clients.

ZFSAgent is a tiny JMX agent for monitoring ZFS pools and datasets. It relies on the presence of the commands "zpool" and "zfs".